Selling Your Number Plate

Bold Registrations offer you two ways to sell your number plate:

Quick Sale - We buy quality number plates immediately for our own stock portfolio.
Commission Sale - We market your number plate to potential buyers until sold.

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Quick Sale
Bold Registrations are always interested in purchasing quality registration numbers. We are constantly expanding our stock portfolio in order to offer a wider range of marks on an exclusive basis.

We are confident that we will pay you the best price for your registration number and should you receive a higher offer from one of our competitors we will endeavour to match or better it.

If you are in a hurry to sell, we can help turn your plate into cash quickly, we offer a prompt transfer service with payment upon completion.

To obtain a no obligation free valuation, please click here to complete an on-line selling form or call us now for a quick decision.

Valuations are automatically added to our system without a published price until the authorisation form is returned. If you decide not to market your registration number upon receipt of our valuation, please inform call us immediately or send us an email.

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Commission Sale
Bold Registrations are always looking for registration numbers to advertise on a commission basis.

We offer a free consultation and/or quotation service giving you a no obligation registration valuation, based upon many factors including general on-the-pulse knowledge regarding what is wanted or not wanted, what is selling or not selling and more in-depth factors such as number frequency, Plus;

  • Supply ( the fewer available the more they are generally worth)
  • Demand (A number desired by many is generally worth more)
  • Shorter numbers are usually worth more, number 1's generally most valuable
  • Current Market conditions
  • Purity of the number especially with names and words
  • Competitive plates currently on the market
  • Similar numbers we have sold (and not sold!)
  • Industry experience

    Another dealer may give you a higher quote in order to gain your approval to sell, however overpricing will decrease your chances of selling quickly. Likewise and perhaps more importantly we will not under value your registration. In basic terms it is a question of educated balance, we want to help you gain the best price whilst offering a realistic opportunity of sale.

    If you wish to change our advised price for reasons of your own, you may do so, however please note raising the price will probably lengthen the time it takes to sell. Likewise, lowering the price will probably help to sell your number more quickly.

    Following our receipt of your signed agreement we shall endeavour to sell your registration at the highest price for you.

    On completion of the sale Bold Registrations will provide free of charge an appropriate year letter replacement number plate if required.

    To obtain a no obligation free valuation, please click here to complete an on-line selling form or telephone us for a rapid decision.

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    Commission Testimonials

    We are able to offer official CNDA valuations for personal and professional requirements.

    Established in 1971, the CNDA represent reputable and responsible dealers of personalised and attractive registration numbers and to protect the interests of their customers. The Cherished Numbers Dealers Association offers a fully independent and widely recognised Valuation Service for vehicle registration marks.

    You will receive an elegant certificate which is accepted for insurance, probate or evaluation purposes. Clients wishing to insure can obtain full details of insurance and a proposal form upon request.

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